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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We Support the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016 Hackathon

We at EDGEKIT Computer Systems have always sponsored and supported events that manifest our commitment to ideas we stand for and believe in.

In 2014, we sponsored the Agri Hackathon in Nueva Ecija, because we firmly believe that no humane society can progress and contribute to move forward the civilization of mankind on an empty stomach.

Now, we are gratefully supporting the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016 to be held in PLDT Innolab at Mandaluyong City from 22 to 24 April 2016. Join us in exploring and showcasing the Filipino potential and first steps in science, technology, engineering and arts to conquer the new frontier.

Be there and together let's move the Philippine space program to infinity and beyond.

Friday, February 12, 2016

We Support The Smarter Economy Through Rural Empowerment

We proudly sponsor this event to be held in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija on 17 February 2016 from 9:30AM to 3PM in line with our vision of a progressive country strengthened by countryside with empowered rural communities.

Please register and participate in this event. Don't miss the chance to listen to the discussions and exchange ideas and viewpoints with some of the most notable speakers and experts in the technology and its impact and contribution to our society, especially on rural empowerment and development.

We are humbled with the overwhelming support for this event also by Microsoft Philippines, Tech4Ed, MobilityIT 4 Youth, Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), Metro Dagupan ICT Council (MDICT), ICT Office, Google Educators Group (GEG) Nueva Ecija, Animation Council of the Philippines and Yolanda's Atrium.

We look forward to sponsor and participate in more events like this that will bring the technology and opportunity awareness to our fellow Filipinos in the various provinces of the Philippines.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Summary and Ideas on Things Aspiring-to-be-Presidents May Consider

The year 2015 has been very productive albeit quiet year for EDGEKIT as a company.

As early as December 2014, we have been quietly designing and developing for our Small and Medium Scale Enterprise clients a small business application system that provides Customer Relationship Management, Sales and Inventory Management, and the fundamental components of an Employee Payroll Management System. We are now offering this solution to interested agents and parties for evaluation and acquisition under a win-win-win situation for the agent, client and company. Please feel free to get in touch with us on this system for more details.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

EDGEKIT and the Hour of Code

Steve Jobs used to believe that work and play is one and the same. Who would have thought that learning how to program would be fun, approachable and less intimidating when you try to program how the character of your choice in Star Wars, Minecraft, Frozen and other themes can move around to achieve certain goals?

EDGEKIT will proudly end the year 2015 by sponsoring the Hour Of Code to be held in Walter Mart Gapan Activity Center in Gapan Nueva Ecija on 27 December 2015 to be held from 10AM to 5PM. We are inviting children aging five (5) to twelve (12) years old to join and learn.

We gratefiully would like to thank the other sponsors: Microsoft, Deaprtment of Science and Technology (DOST-ICT), Mobility IT for Youth, Bitstop Network Services, Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), AIE Gapan, The Collab XYZ and Walter Mart Gapan, and of course we are very thankful to Mr. Wilson Censon, our Regional Marketing Manager in Northern Luzon.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quality of Education, Startup and the 2016 ASEAN Economic Integration

Coming from the technical standpoint, we can draw an analogy of the good old number of lines of code as measure of productivity with the manual, repetitive and tedious task of writing the teacher's lesson plan, at least for the primary and secondary teachers in the Philippines. Much so in Fred Brooks' classic Mythical Man Month, superior productivity isn't just a matter of writing more code, but also writing the right code to do the job.

In the case of the teachers, could it be that our quality of education is not at par with progressive countries because we are more concerned with the quantity than with the quality of the lesson content? Worse, could it be that the teachers spend more time writing the lesson plan and little on enhancing the lessons by contributing into a lesson plan pool where teachers can share and apply the best practices in conveying knowledge most effectively?

As of this writing, it's the last few days of the last quarter of 2015. The following year, 2016, is the much awaited ASEAN integration, where the member countries of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) will have full integration of economic communities, where locally produced products will have head to head competition with our neighbor countries while enjoying tariff free trade. As noted in this article, it states that we "need to step up our efforts to improve the competitiveness and capability of our various local industries, as we participate in regional and global trade."
In line with this, the local startup community should be supported and strengthened.

Startups are built on ideas, and the breadth, width and depth of ideas can only come from the quality of education provided to our citizenry.

More than ever, the importance and quality of education in our country is highlighted along with the deficiencies and areas of improvement we need to address if we mean to compete and not be ran over by our neaighbor countries in terms of economic, political and technological relevance in 2016 and beyond.

Please share with us and our fellow readers your ideas on how to improve the quality of education that will reflect on the professional and economic competence of our country.