Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reveries on Database Systems and Hiring

First, an apology is in order, I have to admit I've been on blogging hiatus for over a month, and hopefully you'd understand that my enthusiasm for blogging has not waned. My blogging hiatus is just that, a brief hiatus (and tons of events happened since then, like I'm in between jobs as of this writing, enjoyed the Westlife concert with my better half, had an opportunity to step back and see where I am and where I want to go to, Apple's Steve Jobs passed away a day after my birthday, and most importantly, got me Dr. Dobb's Essential Books on Algorithms and Data Structures CD-ROM Release 2 CD as gift for my birthday from my youngest sister), and what better way to blog actively again than to talk about my favorite IT infrastructure, the database system (could even be the most important!) and since I'm currently in between jobs, about hiring IT professionals.

But first let me relate an incident about a friend's newly bought desktop PC, built from choice components, you can consider this computer a bazooka to kill a fly off the wall. The problem was that my friend later updated the BIOS firmware and the new PC has since had mysterious behavior like shutting down for no apparent reason. In short, that BIOS firmware upgrade cost my friend wasted time bringing the rig to the shop to be fixed, good thing the PC is still within warranty and replaced. Moral of the story is: if it isn't broken, you have no reason to fix it, so don't mess with it, same goes with the database back-end of your application.