Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Options on Budget Multi-user Computing

The internet shop is probably the most common business for internet-savvy technophiles with entrepreneurial pursuit. I kept away from it for so long because, whether you go for business-only internet access or cater to online gamers, you might as well have invested somewhere else given that the PC hardware depreciates quickly, new and better hardware can appear any time at lower cost, and setting up online gaming access is more of a gamble since players could always go for new and better games that you have to buy just to keep them coming back.

It all translates to intensive investment and cut-throat price competition with neighboring Internet shops. At the end of the day, practically all shops in a particular neighborhood, unless you're the only Internet shop in your area, will luckily just break even or lose.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reveries on the Rat Race Tragedy

In the time I've been speaking, over eighty million people have died of stress!
(waits a moment then snaps his fingers)
There's another one! -- Denholm Reynholm, IT Crowd
It may not yet happen now, but inevitably in the future, in your career you'll feel disillusioned, helpless, completely worn out, problems look unsolvable, the future looks dark, and you're disengaged enough not to care about practically anything to do with your career, even personal life and it could be fatal.

Welcome to career burnout. Tragically, you may not be aware that you're already suffering from it.