Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Notes on Computer Hardware Servicing

Having recently ventured again into academia and entrepreneurship opened the door to opportunities I doubt will be found by those clinging to their day jobs: the chance to help out the community and add value to the lives of your neighbors. Having an extensive experience in computer hardware, software and networking with some free time, some of my neighbors seek my help on fixing their computer problems. However,  most of them have been ripped off and their computers may either work inconsistently or not at all before they came to seek my help; and thus the inspiration for this article.

Below are the rules of engagement I hope all who conduct computer hardware (and software?) servicing and especially those unsuspecting clients would read and learn by heart:

  • Check the Warranty
  • Don't Covet Thy Neighbors Computer
  • Free and Open Source Software Matters
  • It's About Relationships