Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New Direction for EDGEKIT

I have been on a hiatus much longer than I hoped and expected. Through this post is my catharsis on what happened that it took me this long to post here again. Last 2012, I lost my sons, my ex-partner stealthily brought them abroad and it left me empty and lonely. My sons are after all my main reason for living.

Optimistically, I have to look forward beyond the horizon, and come to terms with the situation. My sons were not with me, but they can come back in the future if they choose to, or I can go where they are to get them back when I can again. Now, when I say "when I can again" the question that comes to mind is not just when, but also how. With those considerations in mind, I realized that all hope is not lost, and I have to keep moving forward and do what I know I can do while learning more.

Hence, as an appreciation to visitors and to serve a wider spectrum of viewers, this site will have a new direction: as a resource for small and medium-scale businesses, I myself am on a journey to be an entrepreneur. The journey, as they say, begins with the first step, and it's better we go on this journey together. We will still provide technical articles, but aside from that, we'll also highlight entrepreneurial resources and ideas. This is the mission that was already previously expressed but not explicitly fleshed out before. We will also have other authors and guest bloggers on board to make the site will have a wider but still focused audience.

And to my sons, Joshua Mari Francis and Faith Lawrence, you are always on my mind, every day, every moment, and I will always do better so you'll always be proud of me, your only daddy who miss you both very very much.