Sunday, January 19, 2014

Making Mobile Web Apps Guided by "Mobile First Bootstrap": A Book Review

I was on a quest for front-end development framework that's built on top of jQuery so that it will be portable across various browsers and theoretically resolved the differences and individual quirks of various popular browsers, and the final item after clearing out the list is Bootstrap 3, all the more is that it's designed with mobile platform first so I can finally work with a better front-end tool than jQuery Mobile.

What's next once we have Bootstrap 3 on hand? Well, we need a guide, preferably a book to help us go through this new fancy power tool for front-end developers and luckily for us, with the generosity of Packt Publishing, we were again given the opportunity to review another new book, this time it's "Mobile First Bootstrap" by Alexandro Magno that was published before the close of 2013 so this is really hot off the press!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Nokia Lumia 820 and the Mobile Apps Paradox

In a previous blog, I promised to have a product review of Nokia Lumia 820, so this article is long overdue, but please allow me to justify procrastination, at least for this review. It turns out that there was already a review of Lumia 920 so what's the use of reading about Lumia 820? Well, this is more of account of working with the Lumia 820 developer device loaded with Windows Phone 8 and frankly, doing a review on a very short span of time may not do justice to the device in question.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Zend Framework 2 Application Development: A Book Review

I once tried using the Zend Framework 2 documentation as a guide to PHP5 development but the documentation given the number of framework components is also gargantuan, and having to look through the documentation can be intimidating if not cumbersome, especially for newcomers to PHP5 development.

I highly recommend this book to be a reference on ZF2 for newcomers and experts alike within reach on your desktop, literally and metaphorically

With due credit to Punit Shetty through Facebook, I was floored to have had the opportunity to review the book, or rather the eBook version of "Zend Framework 2 Application Development" by Christopher Valles that was released around the last quarter of 2013. At the outset, the book was intended for newcomers to PHP5 development using Zend Framework 2, arousing the curiosity whether this book would be suitable for newbies while at the same time hopefully valuable also to experienced developers.