Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Fantastic Adventure at Infanta Quezon a.k.a. Becoming a Seminar Resource Speaker

I was fortunate to be asked to participate as seminar resource speaker on network and enterprise security; thus, an adventure in Infanta, Quezon ensued, particularly in ACTS Computer College, owned and managed by Mr. Ernesto Lim who I was fortunate to have met and spoken with after conducting the seminar.

As promised to the seminar participants in ACTS, here are the "evidence" pictures of those who attended. Herewith are the students, some are too shy to properly be seen in camera, or in this case, online:

For reasons unknown, this girl with pink bag always covered her face every time the camera lens flashes her way, why? The plot thickens...

I look forward and envision that one of the students from Infanta, Quezon would be a key player in further forwarding the IT industry of the country.

The poignancy of the whole adventure is that I saw the man-made and natural beauty of Infanta, Quezon, as shown in the following pictures:

 This seashore is about 6 kilometers from the town proper, note the rough and rustic look and feel of the beach, in contrast to the usual smooth shores of commercial resorts.

 Below are pictures of the river resort in Real,Quezon. You have to pay 10 pesos to get in, the water is so clear and clean you can drink from it.

My visit of Infanta, Quezon left me the impression that this should remain serene as it is and having the presence of the likes of SMs, Ayala Malls, McDonalds and Jollibees would only adulterate the pristine and simple lifestyle. I'm very grateful to Ms. Joan Valenzuela for inviting me as resource speaker on enterprise network security at their school, ACTS Computer College; enjoying the simple, serene and clean natural wonders that can be found only six (6) hours away from Manila is many fold worth more than the bus ride going there and back.

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