Thursday, June 19, 2014

Book Review of Extending Bootstrap

Having designed and developed web applications for over a decade, I once thought jQuery Mobile is the best there is, I even used it in my early professional and hackathon projects. Knowing Bootstrap 3 now, I feel guilty of high treason for those projects that look and feel the same, even when you apply themes on them.

When your web design or development project needs a responsive, mobile-first design, Bootstrap 3 fits the bill almost perfectly. Why almost? The usual complaint with Bootstrap is that the web pages created practically look like any other websites made with it.

This is where Christoffer Niska's Extending Bootstrap from Packt Publishing comes to the rescue. Having been released last March 2014 and at less than 90 pages, it shows tips, tricks and techniques of customizing and applying themes on websites made in Bootstrap 3.

Having this book, you can bravely explore, tweak and customize your Boostrap-based websites like a technician twisting and turning bolts, nuts, knobs and switches to create the perfect website look and feel.

It starts off with the pros and cons of using Bootstrap, followed by resources where to find and get pre-built free and paid themes.

Next comes the steps in rebuilding Bootstrap, which discusses the internals of Bootstrap, showing what and where within the Bootstrap source we can make tweaks and changes to realize certain theme applying techniques.

Following the discussion of Bootstrap internals, LESS is discussed along how to use it in making changes within Bootstrap topping it off with rebuilding Bootstrap including your modifications using Grunt; this is arguably the meat and core of the whole book.

Another highlight of Extending Bootstrap include the chapters on customizing and extending Javascript plug-ins, grid and Bootstrap plug-ins. Last and definitely not the least, Niska's book guides readers in creating their own theme, probably the last line of tweaks to make that dream web design perfect to the T.

The big bonus from Packt that makes this book all the more reasonable to be in your physical or virtual bookshelf is this book's sample code, saving you typing and tweaking time to fast track designing Bootstrap-based website limited only by your imagination.


  1. To be honest, before this blog, I still had a feeling that jQuery mobile was the best there could ever be. Bootstrap, from this review, is better. Thank you

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