Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tale of Two Speaking Engagements a.k.a. What is Wrong with Linux

We are very grateful for two events we participated in on the first quarter of the year 2015.

First is the IT Mania 2015, held last 31 January in AMA University, Quezon City, organized by the Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS) led by Marigold Cardeño in coordination with Freelancer's community manager, Nikko Magalona. Being a former JPCS Research and Development Committee Director during my college days, it was like meeting old friends.

And the Web and Database Development seminar held last 27 February in Panpacific University Northern Philippines (PUNP), Urdaneta, Pangasinan, organized for and by PUNP Computer Engineering students, namely Joemar F. Arreola, Butz M. Bautista, Marlon E. Daileg, Aljon S. Equila, Khert Patrick V. Gumangan, Julius P. Manangbao, Junipher Manangbao, Greggy T. Mendoza, Andrew Martin M. Millan, Don Lorence C. Panayon, Mark Oliver G. Rabena, Ralph Christopher S. Sadio, Darien Vaughn E. Soria, Christian Justine E. Velasco, and Mark Jayson E. Zambale.

Moral lesson: if you want to be seen in the groupie, don't stand behind the brightly turned on monitor or be X-Men's Nightcrawler
Hopefully what we have imparted would be found relevant and valuable for their career moving forward into the IT industry.