Saturday, September 19, 2015

Software Freedom Day 2015 and OpenBSD Among Other Endeavours So Far

This coming 26 September 2015, we're very proud and honored to be part of Computer Professionals' Union (CPU) celebration of Software Freedom Day 2015 to be held at University of Makati a.k.a. UMak.

Aptly subtitled "PrismBreak v.2.0: Breaking out of the global digital shackles," we will talk about the most secure and need we say, best free and open source operating system on the planet to date: OpenBSD, see you on the FOSS for Developer Sessions. For tinkerers and hardware buffs, you may want to check out the FOSS Art and Open Hardware Sessions. Looking forward to see old friends and meet new ones. Register now and be there!

We admittedly again went on a seemingly long hiatus, but be rest assured we never forgot the community on which we draw our strength and inspiration from. We actively participated and was recognized in hackathons and technological events where we explore new opportunities and challenges.

Last 21 May 2015, as reported in one of the blog articles by our good friend, Miss Dems Angeles,  we participated in developing mobile solutions that empower women through the Spark-a-Smart Change Hackathon #HackForHer, sponsored by SMART Communications and organized by SPARK! Philippines and J. Amado Araneta Foundation. We may not have won the top prize (we bagged the third place), just being there and being with the community and brushing elbows with some of the most creative and innovative men and especially women is more than enough honor and pleasure for our hackathon team.

On 6 June 2015, we participated in the Windows 10 Code Camp at Microsoft Philippines, organized by DevCon. We may not have Windows on our technology offering nor it may seem contrary or deviating from our Weapon of Choice Technology Stack, but we have to be open minded to know, observe, appreciate, and understand current technological breakthroughs from other platforms so that we can foresee where the future direction of technology and its impact on society can be.

From 8 to 9 August 2015, we joined the AngelHack Manila 2015; we did not figure through the elimination, but we have gained better than can be asked for: we got a new member, that completed our quartet hackathon team, composed of Wilson Censon, Juani Tarroja, and now, with Mat Timpug.

The usual suspects: (from right) Wilson, Mat, Juani and myself


  1. Well written in depth analysis. The sad thing about the software industry in our country is that most of the Filipino people are not enthusiastically inclined. Gaming is another story yet we are always left behind. Someday we are going to prevail. good on you.

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