Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Summary and Ideas on Things Aspiring-to-be-Presidents May Consider

The year 2015 has been very productive albeit quiet year for EDGEKIT as a company.

As early as December 2014, we have been quietly designing and developing for our Small and Medium Scale Enterprise clients a small business application system that provides Customer Relationship Management, Sales and Inventory Management, and the fundamental components of an Employee Payroll Management System. We are now offering this solution to interested agents and parties for evaluation and acquisition under a win-win-win situation for the agent, client and company. Please feel free to get in touch with us on this system for more details.

In late January 2015, in cooperation with the Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS), we participated in the IT Mania 2015 held at AMA University, Quezon City.

Near the end of February 2015, we gratefully provided the Web and Database Development seminar at Panpacific University Northern Philippines (PUNP) in Urdaneta, Pangasinan, organized for and by PUNP Computer Engineering students.

From May to August, our hackathon team joined various hack competitions with mixed bag of results: we won third place (3rd) in Smart's #HackForHer; just hacked for the heck of it in AngelHack Manila 2015, with our new hackathon team member and dear friend, Mr. Mat Timpug; and the exciting and tragic stint in the Globe Samsung Dev Challenge 2015, when the last minute our laptop committed suicide and brought with it our code (with Yoda smirking at the back of our minds, saying: Backup, you must!).

It's unfortunate that the Software Freedom Day celebration supposedly to be held in Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Sta. Mesa was cancelled until shelved for this year. We plan to organize and sponsor this next year at the venue of our choice.

With due credit to Mr. Wilson Censon, our Regional Marketing Manager in Northern Luzon, EDGEKIT proudly capped off the year 2015 by sponsoring the Hour Of Code held in Walter Mart Gapan Activity Center in Gapan Nueva Ecija last 27 December 2015.

Behind the scenes, we're actively participating in the organizing of the Philippine Society of Computer Engineers (PSCoE) in the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus, and deep in research and development of voice command-driven mobile platform applications.

If I Were The President

Overall, this year and the first half of next year will be about the coming presidential elections, and if I were the president of the Republic of the Philippines, I would focus on and provide solutions on these concerns as follows:
  • Traffic Jam
  • Citizen Identity Verification
  • Publicly Accessible Government Fund Disbursement and Accounting
  • Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers and Sex Offenders

Traffic Jam

The traffic jam in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila is so bad, a snail will have reached the finish line way ahead of the competing car. Traversing some north to south of the National Capital Region (NCR) or vice-versa is considered miraculously fast if you reach your destination by car or bus about ten (10) kilometers away in an hour. How do we resolve this if we doubt it's feasible to widen the roads and highways any better?

With twenty percent (20%) of the total population of the country that produces eighty percent (80%) of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) concentrated in the NCR, we recommend to rather equalize salary grade nationwide, consequently abolish the provincial and NCR wage board to provide equal opportunity among those of similar skillsets regardless of whether they reside in the capital or on the outskirt provinces and cities outside the NCR.

No matter what excuse employers say against it, the employee, whether within Manila or beyond it, perform the same role, the same number of work hours (or more) with the same effort to deliver the results. If the compensation is the same, whether in Manila or without, no employee would want to aspire to relocate to Manila for the same job and compensation if it means they would be away from their love ones, if it's costly to relocate the family to the capital city, and it's impractical to suffer the inconvenience of the city traffic jam congestion when they can find proper compensation near where they reside.

Citizen Identity Verification

We once went bargain shopping in Divisoria and noticed that some if not most store vendors who obviously are of Chinese descent have questionable grasp of the Filipino language, raising the question whether we're buying from illegal aliens, practically spending money while not helping the Philippine economy. How can we be assured that we're dealing with a legitimate Filipino citizen and their legitimate business?

At another time, we were once required to provide proof of our identity and the list of accepted identification cards are arbitrary. In one institution, a school ID, barangay or police clearance, postal ID or voter's ID would do but in others, it won't.

There has to be common and centralized identification card system that enables storage of critical identity information and verification functions, like the social security, health and medical information, and professional license or certification. This will enable us to conveniently transact business and perform functions with government and commercial institutions using a single card that can help for example to screen off reselling of tobacco and liquor to minors, simplify the management of IDs to be presented and required for every institution requiring identity verification, and appropriately provide medical, financial, legal assistance and fraud protection easily based on your quickly verified identity.

Publicly Accessible Government Fund Disbursement, Allocation and Accounting Resource

Ever wondered how the annual Philippine government budget was ever spent from the centralized national government to the various local government units and various government institutions and organizations? So far it's not even feasible to trace the thread of expenses, how much was spent by who, when and why.

There has to be centralized, publicly accessible and monitored fund disbursement, allocation and accounting system that records and monitors the government expenses in real-time, along with records of the allocation, approval, and disbursement log.

Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers and Sex Offenders

This should apply to all but most especially to foreigners who came into the Philippines before, was previously found guilty and again doing the same illegal and immoral filthy deed at the expense of the Filipinos, especially the youth and women. This penalty should be swift for those documented to have even been guilty of the aforementioned crime in their country of origin.

Would there be any candidate in the upcoming 2016 and future polls who will consider and execute at least one of these ideas? That remains to be seen. See you in 2016 and beyond. Happy New Year!


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