About EDGEKIT Computer Systems

The EDGEKIT logo stands for the values of balance between risk and security, the color is maroon, and the upright domino-like rectangle is actually just an upright rounded white rectangle with the Braille for 'E' in the middle, reminding EDGEKIT to always design and develop solutions that are considerate of human frailties, to create solutions that are easy to use with humane interfaces. The 'E' stands for positive values such as education, empowerment and evolution.


Transform the lives of people, businesses and communities through simple, secure and functional innovative solutions


Deliver simple, secure and functional solutions built on free and open source technology to very satisfied customers from fulfilled employees and engaged venture partners


Commitment to customer satisfaction
Humility and excellence in making relevant difference
Integrity in thoughts, words and actions

The EDGEKIT Company

EDGEKIT Computer Systems was founded in the Philippines on January 2009, initially as a side project blog, with concern for the growing number of Filipino small and medium-scale businesses who are needing access to enterprise-class free and open source technology and methodologies.

With passion bordering on obsession for simple, secure and functional solutions, EDGEKIT Computer Systems developed the Weapon Of Choice technology stack as a rock-solid foundation for internet-centric future-ready solutions that fit the needs of businesses, based on OpenBSD and PostgreSQL, arguably the most secure and enterprise-ready free and open source platform anywhere in the world.