Products and Services

The EDGEKIT Computer Systems specialize in building simple, secure and functional solutions built on our "Weapon of Choice" technology stack, founded on two rock-solid technology.

OpenBSD, the most secure multi-architecture platform, 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system on the planet. Advanced programming paradigm, methodologies and best practices are better running on top of the platform reputed best in security and stability. We made sure you won't go for second best, because you and your business need the competitive edge.

PostgreSQL, the enterprise-class and advanced free open source database management system. We can leave the popularity contest victory to any other free and open source DBMS, we focused on what really matters: standard-compliance, security and performance, hallmarks of this database management system.

We provide OpenBSD and PostgreSQL training, consulting, design, development, installation, maintenance and administration.

We have designed and developed OpenBSD-based Unix Training and PostgreSQL Training, both intensive forty (40) hours of hands-on training chock full of relevant and experience-based sharing of knowledge and wisdom that participants can use right away, along with resources and references that can guide the participants beyond the training.

We designed and developed this responsive web application for use by small and medium-scale businesses to manage their customer relationship, product pricing and retailing, and item distribution and inventory, written and developed on our Weapon of Choice technology stack, can also be deployed on various Linux distributions.